Aims and Objectives

The Kaicombey Foundation aim is to instill human rights norms and values as inalienable rights within the disadvantaged societies in Sierra Leone, Africa, and its sub-region, and to integrate them into economic and social development there. The Foundation seeks to promote, defend and protect international human rights standards, values, and respect for human and people's rights, the rule of law, democracy and good governance, to document, analyze and report violations of human rights and substantive rights in particular, promote access to justice for survivors of sexual and domestic violence, build , support and strengthen civil society, youths and young people, women and children, both physical and intellectually challenged adults and children as disability issues.

The Foundation also seeks to support the healing journey of individuals and communities who are survivors of violence and conflict, as models of hope. It believes in the acknowledgement of the suffering and injustice as a well-founded response to help restore the dignity and values of victims through traditional models of restorative justice.





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