The Peer support Network are group of youths and young people that are established by the Foundation, in schools, universities and at community level, in order to give peer support to each other by given them the enabling resources , to promote the gains and values of The Kaicombey Foundation For Sustainable Development. The Foundation has a diverse network ranging from its multicultural and socio-economic background at schools, colleges, universities and community level.

YOUTHS RIGHTS : Is the The Kaicombey Foundation  Rural and Community Youth Network that is established in disadvantaged rural communities among the civil society in developing countries. They are empowered to take responsibilities for themselves to address there own problems in order to effect social and economic change, and to also contribute to community development by using the available resources for self reliance.

Students  and community youth peer network relationship has been a vehicle in our advocacy in global solidarity, defence and promotion of human and people’s rights, environmental and social justice, and fight Rural Poverty among others.

The Bill of Rights, an International human rights instrument is the reference baseline of the Kaicombey Foundation Mission statement. Our peer support group Network are seen as promoters and defenders of the international instruments of the Bill of Rights.

Below are the instruments:  You can click and read detail of the instruments.
• The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
• The International Covenant on Economic , Social and Cultural Rights
• The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
The Second Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, aiming at the abolition of the death penalty.

These are fundamental international human rights instruments that are given the utmost attention by our peer support group Network. The Network use their peer social group in their advocacy and promotion of the instruments. As a matter of fact that a school of thought says that “social and emotional gains are indeed provided by peer interaction”.

As defenders of human rights organization, the Kaicombey Foundation empower, and give support to its peer support network at institutions and Rural Communities in order to pursue their fundamental rights, engage government and its line ministries for their responsibility to protect , R2P, as a state sovereignty. The Foundation also concern for any potential paradigm shift in its human security of its sovereign state, give support and strengthen the capacity of government to achieve its state obligation towards its citizens. States obligations to its sovereignty has been adversely misuse and abused by their political leaders. The role of transnational organizations, like the Kaicombey Foundation has been very useful in defense and protection of indigenous people whose rights are abuse.

The Foundation also recognizes the three main key elements of the responsibility to protect, R2P, formulation.
• Responsibility to prevent atrocities
• Responsibility to react where abuse occur, and
• Responsibility to rebuilt after intervention

Our peer support network  , both community Youths and Students are also ambassadors in peace building, advocating and promoting peace. Preventive measures to avert conflict and atrocities are always part of their advocacy programs, engaging the sovereign states for their responsibility to prevent potential conflict and atrocities within its sovereignty. This however underscores the endorsement of states responsibility to protect its citizens, fair treatment, promotion and protection of human rights and good governance, as well as equal distribution of resources.

Our Peer support group networks are very pro-active in reacting towards violations of human rights abuse, an utmost requirement for “human protection”, failure of state to uphold its international obligations towards its citizens. As part of transnational advocacy network, our peer support network document, and report, amplifier all violations of human rights abuses and international humanitarian law that are committed within the sovereign states for the attention of the international community.

Our peer support group networks also involves in peace building programs as well as its consolidation after the aftermath of conflict: A post conflict reconciliation activities. However, The Kaicombey Foundation For Sustainable Development has a peace building component that involve the empowerment of communities and civil society, promoting of human rights and democratization, supporting post conflict communities by the provision of community recovery programs, reintegration and rehabilitation through counselling and available resources.

Apparently, the Foundation also believe that, states cannot only meet its international obligations without been empowered to meet its obligations. However, poverty, corruption and bad governance are not limited and ruled-out as a potential treat to meet these international standards.

The Peer support Network: Our Human Rights Defenders are very active in the field in documenting and reporting violations of human rights abuses, International Human Rights and humanitarian Law in their respective established chapters / regions. They are given the opportunity to identify potential projects and provide concept document for possible funding as well as develop activities around achieving the Foundation objectives and its promotion. These are very pro-active Network of young people.


The peer support networks are given an intensive in-service training in human rights, peace building and democratization. However, most of the students who are Network volunteers are in same program/s of studies. Most of their interest areas are in human rights and social justice, a growing field of studies of recent years.
The community peer support group network are just community youths and young people who are involved in activism, promote community development, events and activities to effect positive change in their respective jurisdictions. Most of them are not school going especially in developing countries. This include Young people that community respect and can mobilize crowd for action oriented program. In general, these are also marginalized community young people that are empowered to take action for themselves with the available resources that is given to them, in defense of their fundamental rights. Most of our training programs that are conducted are focused at the disadvantaged portion of community youths and young people in developing countries.
The Foundation is appealing for more resources in order to provide current training that are international standards for its peer support network.


As part of our support to our peer network, the Foundation also provides internship facility for students who are interested in the various areas of our programs. International Internships are advertised on our website for the attention of other partners / students who might be interested in having internship with the foundation. You can also contact us directly for detail information about our internship program.

Should you have interest in joining our Students or community Peer support network, please contact your students Association in your institution and, or community youth leader to inquire or you contact us directly at : . Please don’t forget to send us detail of your contact information. Thank you so much for your interest in the Foundation Network. Your effort will make a big difference in our global advocacy.

Please add your voice and be part of our success. We can’t wait to have you as a team...


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