The Kaicombey Foundation Bursary / Scholarship Application

Education and health is paramount on our list, in terms of giving the enabling environment for people and community to be self-reliance. Girl child education is an integral part of this bursary/scholarship in order for them to gain quality education. Affordability of quality education is yet to be realized in Sierra Leone and its sub-region. This underscore the premise of establishing the financial assistance to children and to youths and young people who are pursuing higher education in a specified filed of studies.

This financial assistance is a supplementary award that normally goes towards students living expenses, books, and 50 to 100% of tuition fee as per student’s financial need and the availability of funding. However, the award advert will specify the eligibility and terms of reference for that year. In order to be considered, you must prove financial need and must be making satisfactory academic progress. Apparently, not everyone who qualifies will receive a bursary/scholarship because of limited funding. It is a standing policy that, no Kaicombey Families and relatives are eligible for this bursary/scholarship in question; neither gives reference nor be a referee for any applicant.

Please note that, there are two categories of application forms that should be completed from page 1 to 3. There is a general application form for youths and young people / adults and the one for children whose parents/guardians are responsible to complete and return it as instructed.

Please do not hesitate to contact your chapter office for further inquiry.


We are currently updating our forms, and will  be posted later. Please send us an email for any query.




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